Monday, March 19, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Mar. 19th

AMC: Babe and Little Adam do a disappearing act after the lights go out at the mansion.
ATWT: Casey learns the truth about his brother.
B&B: Ridge, Brooke, Rick and Phoebe visit Sydney, Australia, for business and pleasure.
Days: Frustrated with Steve's apathy regarding EJ, Kayla sets out to expose the smug DiMera's bad deeds herself.
GH: Jax puts himself out there for an emotionally and physically drained Alexis.
GL: Josh faces a long prison term in the attempted murder of Alan Spaulding. Is he willing to make the sacrifice for Cassie?
OLTL: Natalie is on cloud 9 after she gets her wish.
Passions: Fancy washes her hands of Luis and tells her Aunt Sheridan she can have him!
Y&R: Brad finds Victoria seeking comfort from her former lover JT.